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Version update 3.0.8 – August 2022

Here is an overview of the updates and fixes categorized by Bauwise modules.
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New feature API now sends out “updated at” values for workpackages



Bugfix Contractual deadline indicator fixes. When project start date or contractual deadline date are not entered or when start date has not been reached yet the indicator shows “-“.
Bugfix Visual fixes in project tabs.
New feature It is now possible to add start and end date for subprojects. These are show in project summary table in budget view.
New feature In contract view the tables headers of Subcontract line items and Subcontractor / Supplier change orders, which means when the shown columns or the column width is changed in one table, it changes in both. Same applies for payment application tables Main contract line items, Change order line items and Back charge. The update is made in order to make the tables easier to compare.