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Version update 3.0.1 – December 2021

Here is an overview of the updates and fixes categorized by Bauwise modules.
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New feature Added setting for the showing/hiding the contract deletion button (INT-2270)
New feature Disallow budget changes on work package rows. (DEV-188)
New feature Do not allow deletion of budget rows when they are related to confirmed change orders. Users will be notified with a list of related Change orders. (DEV-77)
New feature Additions to how revenue prognosis handles change/deletion of rows when the original prognosis is locked (by default prevent deleting revenue prognosis table rows when the original prognosis is locked). (DEV-148)
Bugfix Fix to allow the values of the right rows to be changed in the budget when viewing by work codes & commitments. (DEV-81)



New feature The solution is enable to the download full customer list to CSV from Bauwise and to upload updated company data or upload new companies into Bauwise.(INT-2104)



New feature Added finance setting to control from which invoice date forward the notifications will be sent (INT-2078)



New feature 1. Changed some Cashflow labels in the Cashflow Report.
2. Fixed “no rights” issue for Admin users in Cashflow module.
3. Fixed that if recalculate Revenue forecast setting is on, revenues amounts in Revenue forecast table will be recalculated starting from next month that was edited (recalculation will not change edited month value). The function works when related settings are on and the user presses the button Calcucate in the Cashflow module.
4. Fixed date issues in the Cashflow module (for Lithuania only). (DEV-180)
New feature Removed green color (indicating editing) in Cashflow Table view, by due dates planning mode. (DEV-172)
New feature Added m2 column to Cashflow and reporting, also done multiple additions to cash flow and cash flow report (DEV-150)
Bugfix Fix issue within cash flow to show future due date values and related payments when they come from actual invoices. (DEV-149)
Bugfix For Lithuania: Fixed Cashflow report loading error in Lithuanian language. (DEV-172)


Change orders

New feature Users now can change the unit price for rows with sub-rows while making a Change order. (DEV-157 )
New feature Show notification on change order un-confirmation if any related task in the budget has its value changed. Also, mark said rows in a change order and budget with an exclamation mark. (DEV-77)
Bugfix Fixed an issue that allowed a confirmed change order to be confirmed again under specific circumstances thus creating duplicate changes in the budget. (DEV-190)
Bugfix Removed logic that if change order row had only revenue and no budget then it would create type revenue row into the budget, that is not displayed to the user. (DEV-85)
Bugfix Fixed rows duplication issue when Change order rows cost accounts are changed in budget and Change order is re-opened and confirmed again (previously it was creating rows duplication in Change Order view). (DEV-78)


Payment applications

New feature Disallow signing payment application multiple / same time. (DEV-175)
Bugfix Fix payment application number generation. (DEV-176)


Work timetable

New feature Several changes to work timetable. E.g. 1. Ability to add tasks to row structure 2. Added missing translations (DEV-178)



New feature For Estonia: new integration with Creditinfo Estonia is allowing to update of customer data and to creates new customers by searching data from Creditinfo. Can be ordered as a paid service. (INT-2131)



New feature Added logs to monitor about emails are sent out (INT-1441)