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Version update 3.0.4 – March 2022

Here is an overview of the updates and fixes categorized by Bauwise modules.
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New feature Added button where Administrator role users can delete confirmers on the invoice (INT-2420)
New feature Added setting to allow to confirm undivided invoices (INT-2340)

Payment applications

New feature Added edit/delete restriction for previous payment application change order rows and back charge rows. (INT-2320)


New feature Added filter to Contact module for company type filtering (INT-2440)


New feature Added functionality to do task cost forecasting. If it’s used then the task forecast will be kept on a user-defined value. When the task forecast in contracts changes then the task forecast in the uncommitted work package will be changed to keep the user-defined amount on the task level. (DEV-235)
Bugfix Changed how manual payment application number changing is handled. Now total payment application number will consist of generated part and the manually edited part. (INT-2334)
New feature Showing actuals data as an active link on all summing chapters (previously it worked only for Commitments). (DEV-267)
New feature Added functionality for two-level project confirmation/approval. When the project manager confirms the project (creates a new version), the division leader will get a notification and be able to approve that project version. (DEV-269)


New feature Ability to import actuals (e.g. purchase invoice) data from Excel file (needs additional setup). (DEV-256)


New feature Added ability to choose and change the currency for the project, add exchange rates, and view the project’s portfolio in different currencies. (DEV-272)