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Version update 3.0.6 – May 2022

Here is an overview of the updates and fixes categorized by Bauwise modules.
For further questions and clarifications, please contact our Support team:



New feature From project dashboard it is now possible to open unmatched actuals with one click. Additional filtering for unmatched iactuals in actuals view is also now available.
Bugfix Project dashboard box size bug fixed.
New feature It is now possible to use advance payment functionality also without using the WP’s.
New feature Now we support tags in projects with lengths up to 255 characters. Tags order will be kept in the same way as imported.
Bugfix Fixed bug when using payment application in project with 2 or more subprojects.
New feature Now we are able to read detailed rows and additional information from invoices (PDF, PNG, JPG). Functionality can be used with additional settings and have some limitations based on language and account configuration. Please ask for more information from the Bauwise support team.
New feature In project dashboard there is a new indicator “Actual cost including advance payments”.



New feature We have changed the way how the monthly report is confirmed and added changes, such as automatic not confirmed projects confirmation when the monthly report is confirmed, improved Gross profit reporting based on monthly report data and etc. These are specific configurable reporting functionalities that require custom setup.



New feature Project cost forecast information tooltip update in project dashboard.
New feature In project dashboard there is now indicator “Contractual deadline” which shows the time that project has lasted in %. It is calculated based project start date and project contractual deadline.
New feature We build a feature that allows the setup of automatic cost calculation for a certain cost account in your budget. For e.g. it can calculate the general costs or project management fees based on % from all or selected budget rows. Functionality requires a specific custom configuration.



New feature Main menu standardization & company admin center update (contact Bauwise support to update).



New feature Contacts module visuals updated to be more similar to rest of the Bauwise and thus easier to use. Functionality stayed the same.