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Bauwise updates 2023.05

Here is an overview of the updates and fixes categorized by Bauwise modules.
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New feature Sharepoint integration updates.
Bugfix Finvalda integration improvements.
New feature Merit integration error handling improvements.



Bugfix Turning on/off email notifications fixes.
New feature Subcontractor contract view: retainages are now in a table at the end of the contract view. Retainage table updated to match the retainage table in the payment applications. Separate retainage tab removed. Contract dates and retainage dates unlinked from each other. New column Applications Total (AT) added to contract view – shows how much of each row is already applied in fully confirmed payment application.



New feature Company admin users now have the possiblity to configure filters in certain views (project list, portfolio, cash flow). This allows to hide some filters that are not used for all company users or set company-wide default values for filters.
Bugfix Budget import bug fixes.
Bugfix Systematic fixes for tooltips.
New feature Logging improvements: system activites marked with system user.



Bugfix NEW INVOICE MODULE: backcharge fixes.
Bugfix NEW INVOICE MODULE: invoices can now be added without a pdf.
New feature NEW INVOICE MODULE: invoice attachments preview box updated.
New feature In Monthly report unconfirmed months are also always shown out now.
Bugfix NEW INVOICE MODULE: notification fixes.
Bugfix NEW INVOICE MODULE: missing currencies fix.



Bugfix Cashflow: supplier name dissapearing fix.


Payment applications

Bugfix Payment application Lithuanian translations updated.