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Version update 3.0.2 – January 2022

Here is an overview of the updates and fixes categorized by Bauwise modules.
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New feature Added option to show all contracts under a certain company.
New feature Disallow deletion of warranty rows.


Bugfix Companies export-import fail improvement.
New feature Added a restriction that allows only administrators to export-import companies.


Bugfix Invoice company text update not from Klippa data, but from Bauwise Contacts module (we now first try to read company registration code and show company from Contacts module). If no VAT amount comes from Klippa we now calculate based on the amount of the invoice, if present then we add these sums straightly to the VAT and total fields.


Bugfix Fixed issue in the cashflow report where filter field names collided.

Payment applications

Bugfix Fixed issue with contact email change not reflecting in payment application access rights.
New feature Added a restriction that disallows symbols in the payment application number.
New feature Added a restriction that disallows adding spaces to e-mails in payment application contacts.
New feature Made changes in payment application tables where we group columns by previous, current, balance, and total.
New feature Invoice – payment application linking changes:
1. Always show linked payment application in list
2. If the invoice does not have a specific company ID, but has a company name, then try to find a company by that name. If a company is found, then show payment applications from that company, otherwise, show all payment applications.


New feature Add human-readable error messages when deleting the contract.
New feature Added error message when inserting a contract number that already exists.
New feature Budget import improvements (with additional setting you can import additional columns and create subtasks from them).