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Version update 3.0.7 – June & July 2022

Here is an overview of the updates and fixes categorized by Bauwise modules.
For further questions and clarifications, please contact our Support team:



New feature New invoice module reached testing phase. Improvements include: better interface, improved speed, improved rights managament, wider possibility to add company specific rules, improved .pdf and e-invoice automatic reading. New invoice module needs to be turned on client based. To be amongs the first users please contact our support and we will contact you as soon as the module is finalized.
Bugfix Bug fix of advance payment settings.



New feature New idicator: Contractual deadline – shows the amount of time to date that the project has elapsed (in %). Takes into account project start date (in contract view) and contractual deadline date (in project details view).
New feature In project idicators there is a new indicator Commited % which shows the relation between the whole budget and commited budget.