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Version update 3.0.5 – April 2022

Here is an overview of the updates and fixes categorized by Bauwise modules.
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New feature

Subproject status is now selectable in the subproject configuration view. Subproject status is also now visible in the Project summary table (in Budget view) and Projects list view. (DEV-464)



New feature We have added Advanced invoices management functionality in Bauwise. It requires a custom setup and might be not available for all clients, please send your inquiry regarding functionality to the Bauwise support team. (DEV-304)
– New cost type: Advance Payment
– Advance Payments automatic linking and deduction calculation with real invoices
– New tab is added under Invoices management for quick filtering for Advance Payment invoices and shows deductions and all related invoices
– In the budget view, new column is added for tracking the balance of Advance payments
– In project actuals view new tab for Advance Payments is added



New feature Added ability to create more specif organizational structure and use it across Bauwise, e.g. add more levels to your organizational structure, such as country, legal entities, and others. Functionality requires a custom setup. (DEV-277)
New feature Now in Projects view you can see subprojects under every project, in addition, you can see their organizational unit and subproject statuses. (DEV-151)