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Companies import and export

Last updated: June 15, 2022

The companies export and import solution is enabled by default only for Bauwise admin users.

1. Companies export

Contact list can be downloaded as a file by clicking on the Contact tab then press cloud icon.

After that you will see import and export options:

2. Updating data in downloaded file

There are 2 ways to update the data in a file:

1. Update manually the data in file in all columns B – P or

2. Updating company data can be ordered as a service from Creditinfo
    To do this, you should make an agreement with Creditinfo and send the downloaded file to them to update the data.

Creditinfo can only update the data in columns B-L  

  • B – name
  • C – reg_no
  • D – company_status
  • E – address
  • F – city
  • G – county
  • H – postal_code
  • I – country
  • J – email
  • K – phone
  • L – webpage

IMPORTANT when processing the fail:

–  the column header names cannot be changed.

– when adding new companies, column A (ID) must not be filled in or changed. The values ​​in column id must be retained in an unaltered form in the file

– when adding a new company, column A (ID) may be left blank and column reg_nr must always be filled

– when updating existing business data columns: id; name and reg_nr must be filled

– the duplicate registration number must not be in the file

3. Companies import

After updating the company data in a file, Bauwise can upload and update the data in both csv and xlsx formats:

NB! If you want to update the data of existing companies and also add new companies to Bauwise, both upload steps must be performed separately (shown in the picture above)

When updating company data, the existing company in Bauwise and the company in the upload file are linked based on values id and reg_nr.

When the file upload (company import) is started, the data in Bauwise is automatically updated according to the data in the file.

If you want to remove an existing company you can delete it from Bauwise manually.

NB! It is important to ensure that the company you are deleting has no previous links to invoices, payment application and budget agreement or lines.